70's Terror Collection

70's Terror Collection
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4 Disc Set!

Ruby: Available in a new digital film transfer from the original 35mm negative and in the restored, director’s theatrical cut. She’s sweet sixteen and her mama (Piper Laurie – the mother in the horror classic Carrie) wants to send her away. The deaf-mute daughter retaliates by calling up the spirit of her murdered father and in one terrifying night of horror, he exacts his revenge.
DVD | 1 DISC | 85 minutes | 1977 | Color | R | English language | 1.85:1 / Widescreen | Dolby Digital Mono | All Regions

Young Hannah Queen of the Vampires: This is the uncut, widescreen version of this Euro-horror classic, aka: CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Welcome to Vampire Island, a quaint, out-of-the-way spot whose leading citizen is known for her winning, toothy smile… and odd dining habits. Released from her crypt after 700 years of entombment, the ravenous bloodsucker displays an undiminished zest for life… Anybody’s life. The son of the man who inadvertently released the undead terror from the tomb, finds he has a great deal to contend with (“She’s smart… 700 years smart,” he observes gloomily) in this tale of terror.
DVD | 1 DISC | 87 minutes | 1972 | Color | PG | English language | 1.85:1 / Widescreen | Dolby Digital Mono | All Regions


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Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things: Led by a mean-spirited director, Alan (Alan Ormsby), a theater troupe travels by boat to a small island graveyard for buried criminals. Using a grimoire, Alan begins a séance to raise the dead. The group finds more than they bargained for when the dead return from their graves, forcing the troupe to take refuge in an old abandoned caretaker’s house. Can they stay put until daylight against the undead onslaught, or do they flee into the pitch black night? Will anyone survive? ….Muhah hahahh!
DVD | 1 DISC | 87 minutes | 1972 | Color | PG | English language | 1.85:1 / 16x9 - Anamorphic | Dolby Digital 2.0 | All Regions


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Don't Open The Door: In this effective low-budget cult-classic from director S.F. Brownrigg (Keep My Grave Open, Scum of the Earth, Don’t Look in the Basement), a dutiful granddaughter goes home to take care of her dying grandmother. Once there, she finds herself trapped inside the house with a homicidal maniac and all hell breaks loose.
DVD | 1 DISC | 90 minutes | 1979 | Color | PG | English language | 1.78:1 | Dolby Digital Mono | All Regions


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Piper Laurie
Stuart Whitman
Janit Baldwin
Roger Davis

Directed by:
Curtis Harrington

Produced by:
George Edwards

Written by:
George Edwards, Steven Krantz

Cinematography by:
William Mendenhall

Music by:
Don Ellis

Young Hannah Queen of the Vampires

Andrew Prine
Mark Damon
Teresa Gimpera
Patty Sheppard
Frank Brana

Directed by:
Ray Danton

Produced by:
Lou Shaw

Written by:
Ricardo Ferrer

Cinematography by:
Juan Gelpi

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Alan Ormsby
Valerie Mamches
Jeffrey Gillen
Anya Ormsby
Paul Cronin
Jane Daly
Roy Engleman
Robert Philip
Bruce Solomon
Seth Sklarey
Alecs Baird

Directed by:
Bob Clark

Produced by:
Gary Goch Bob Clark

Written by:
Alan Ormsby Bob Clark

Cinematography by:
Jack McGowan

Music by:
Carl Zittrer

Don't Open The Door

Susan Bracken
Larry O'Dwyer
Gene Ross
Jim Harrell
Hugh Feagin
Annabelle Weenick
Joy Popma
Beth Lenzer
Rea McAdams

Directed by:
S.F. Brownrigg

Produced by:
S.F. Brownrigg

Written by:
Frank Schaefer, Kerry Newcomb

Cinematography by:
Robert Alcott

4 DISC | Color |


  • Contains the original theatrical trailer
  • Motion Menu
  • Commentary with Director Curtis Harrington & Actress Piper Laurie
  • Interview with Curtis Harrington by Film Critic David Del Valle
  • Photo Gallery
  • Director's Theatrical Cut

Young Hannah Queen of the Vampires:

  • Motion Menu
  • Biographies
  • Bonus Horror Trailers

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things:

  • All New Commentary with Alan Ormsby, Jane Daly and Anya Cronin
  • “Memories of Bob Clark” – A tribute to the late Director
  • Grindhouse Q&A
  • Confessions of a Grave Digger – Interview with Ken Goch
  • Photo Gallery
  • “Dead Girls Don’t Say No” – Music Video by The Deadthings
  • “Cemetery Mary” – Music Video by The Deadthings
  • A Tribute Video to CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS  – by Freak 13
  • Alan Ormsby Bio
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

Don't Open the Door:

  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Horror Trailers
  • Bio on S. F. Brownrigg
  • Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced for 16x9 monitors
  • Motion Menus
Web Price: $10.49
Web Price: $10.49
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