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4 Disc Set!

High Bright Sun: A young American archaeologist of Cypriot parentage is visiting Cypriot friends who, unbeknown to her, are involved in the local terrorist racket. When she learns more than she should, her loyalty is divided between the Cypriots and the British, in the form of an intelligence major. It is his job to guard her, although she proves rather frosty, despite this, the young major falls for her charms. Full Screen / 4x3 / Color.

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Spanish Gardner: Separated from his wife and embittered by the lack of promotion, Harrington Brande (Michael Hordern) is posted to a small port in Spain. With him goes his young son Nicholas (Jon Whiteley), a shy boy forced to lead a quiet life by his domineering father. At their new home, they meet their gardener, José (Dirk Bogarde), who strikes up a friendship with the boy. As Nicholas’s father realizes this, out of jealousy, he bans them from speaking. Things go from bad to worse when Nicholas’s watch is stolen and planted on José, who is then arrested. Will his father realize the meaning of true friendship before it is too late? Widescreen / 1.85:1 / Color.

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Esther Waters: Released in the USA in an edited version titled “The Sin of Esther Waters,” this is the original un-cut UK version featuring Dirk Bogarde in his first starring role, playing a roguish character in this bodice-ripper set in Victorian England. The film also perfectly recreates details of the horse racing scene at the Derby.

Esther Waters (Kathleen Ryan) is a young woman living in 1880. Brought up by a puritanical mother, she leaves to become a servant in an aristocratic household. There she falls in love with the footman, William Latch (Bogarde), who seduces and then abandons her. Pregnant and alone, she returns to London to find her mother dead. With no one but herself for comfort, she struggles to survive. A tale of the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Full Screen / 4x3 / B&W.

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King and Country: In this stirring anti-war film set during WWI, a tough, no-nonsense British Army lawyer (Dick Bogarde) is assigned to defend a lowly private (Tom Courtenay) at his court martial. The private has been accused of desertion during battle. The lawyer, Captain Hargreaves is convinced this young man should be executed. However, as the trial progresses and the strain of three horrible years endured at the Allied front is revealed, the more he is compelled to spare the youth from a firing squad. Widescreen / 1.66:1 / B&W.

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High Bright Sun

Dirk Bogarde
George Chakiris
Susan Strasberg
Denholm Elliott

Directed by:
Ralph Thomas

Produced by:
Earl St. John

Written by:
Ian Stuart Black

Music by:
Angelo Lavagnino

Spanidh Gardner

Dirk Bogarde Jon Whiteley Michael Hordern

Directed by:

Esther Waters

Dirk Bogarde Kathleen Ryan Cyril Cusack Ivor Barnard Fay Compton

Directed by:
Peter Proud

Produced by:
Ian Dalrymple

Written by:
Michael Gordon and William Rose, From The Novel By George Moore

Cinematography by:
H.E. Fowle and C.M. Pennington-Richards

Music by:
Dr. Gordon Jacob

King and Country

Dirk Bogarde Tom Courtney Leo McKern Barry Foster Peter Copley

Directed by:
Joseph Losey

DVD | 4 DISC | 405 minutes | 1948,1956,1964,1965 | Color and BW | NR | English language | English subtitles | 1.85:1 | Dolby Digital Mono |

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