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Flaming Frontiers:
Tex Houston (Johnny Mack Brown), famous Indian scout, finds a Pony Express Rider dead on the trail, killed by renegade Indians. He decides to take the rider's mailbag into town, where he meets Mary Grant and her father, terrorized by ruthless Bart Eaton, who is intent on wedding Mary and stealing her brother's gold mine. It's up to Tex to ward off renegade Indians and rival outlaw gangs in order to save Mary and her brother's gold.
DVD | 1 DISC | 305 minutes | 1938 | B&W | Not Rated | English language | 1.33:1 | Hi-Fi Mono | All Region

Rustlers of Red Dog:
Jack Woods, Deacon and Laramie are the Three Musketeers of the Old West.  They fight their way across the plains and mountains to protect the settlers and battle the Indians, rustlers and badmen who are constantly threatening them. In the frontier town of Red Dog, leading citizen Tom Lee asks the trio to remain as protectors. Indians attack a wagon train with Lee's daughter Mary is on its way in - but it. Jack and his friends help rescue the wagon train and discover that the train is carrying a shipment of gold. A notorious outlaw named Rocky, who starts a false rumor of a gold strike, covets the gold. Rocky thinks he will help himself to the gold while the town is empty, but instead, he must shoot it out with Jack Woods.
DVD | 1 DISC | 236 minutes | 1935 | B&W | Not Rated | English language | 1.33:1 / 4x3 | Hi-Fi Mono | All Regions

Fighting With Kit Carson:
A shipment of government gold is lost when the pack train headed up by famous scout Kit Carson is wiped out. Only Carson miraculously escapes. Aided by a detachment of cavalry, Carson rounds up the outlaw band known as the Mystery Riders. Carson then leaves the soldiers and his Indian friend, Nakomas to bring in the prisoners, and rides furiously back to the trading post, where his little friend, Joan Fargo, disguised as a boy, has been keeping watch on Kraft, the man who Carson suspects is the secret leader of the Mystery Riders. When he is accused of being the leader of the Mystery Riders, Kraft swears his innocence and makes a quick getaway. In order to trap him, Carson and the troopers don the garb of the Mystery Riders with hope that Kraft, upon seeing his men, will be fooled into giving away the location of his secret hiding place for the gold.
DVD | 1 DISC | 225 minutes | 1933 | B&W | Not Rated | English language | 1.33:1 / 4x3 | Hi-Fi Mono | All Regions


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Flaming Frontiers

Johnny Mack Brown
Eleanor Hansen
John Archer
James Blaine
Ralph Bowman

Directed by:
Alvin J. Neitz, Ray Taylor

Rustlers of Red Dog

Johnny Mack Brown
Joyce Compton
Walter Miller
Raymond Hatton
Harry Woods
Frederic MacKaye
William Desmond
Charles K. French
J.P. McGowan
Lafe McKee
Edmund Cobb
Chief Thundercloud
Jim Thorpe

Directed by:
Louis Friedlander

Produced by:
Milton Gatzert, Henry MacRae

Cinematography by:
Richard Fryer, William Sickner

Fighting With Kit Carson

Johnny Mack Brown
Noah Beery
Noah Beery Jr.
Tully Marshall
Betsy King Ross
Robert Warwick

Directed by:
Armand Schaefer, Colbert Clark


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Flaming Frontiers:

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Rustlers of Red Dog:

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Fighting With Kit Carson:

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  • Classic Serial Trailers
  • Bios
  • Digitally Remastered



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