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Riders of Death Valley:
This western serial has our able heroes escaping various perils devised by the evil Wolfe Reade and his pack of outlaws, who wish to lay claim to a fabled lost mine.
DVD | 2 DISC | 287 minutes | 1941 | B&W | Not Rated | English language | 1.33:1 / 4x3 | Dolby Digital Mono | All Regions

Winners of the West:
This 13-chapter western cliffhanger from Universal borrowed footage from earlier Johnny Mack Brown and Buck Jones serials but also relied on the talents of matinee idol Dick Foran, 'The Singing Cowboy,' a big star for Warner Bros. and their answer to Gene Autry. Fighting to advance the great Hartford Transcontinental Railroad through Hell's Gate Pass, tough railroader Jeff Ramsey (Dick Foran) is blocked by King Carter (Harry Woods), the self-styled ruler of the prairie domain beyond the pass. Spurred on by Carter, the local Indians hold up stage coaches, pirate wagon supply trains, drive surveying men to seek shelter and burn down the telegraph station, making it all the tougher to get the train through.
DVD | 2 DISC | 247 minutes | 1940 | B&W | Not Rated | English language | 1.33:1 / 4x3 | Dolby Digital Mono | All Regions

Gold is discovered in a small western town and the local gambler Jim Rodney plans to seize the strike by having the townspeople murdered or frightened away by Indians. To put his plan in motion, Rodney has an Indian woman murdered and steals the horses. When "Buffalo Bill" Cody and the US Cavalry appear things get a bit tricky. Rodney then goes to the second plan to have himself elected as town marshal. Of course, the election is rigged and Cody then takes on the task of bringing Rodney to justice - while still fighting off the attacks by the Indians
DVD | 1 DISC | 217 minutes | 1931 | B&W | Not Rated | English language | 1.33:1 / 4x3 | Dolby Digital Mono | All Regions

In this wild west opus, Creighton Chaney (better known as Lon Chaney, Jr.) plays a masked avenger who breaks up a plan, hatched by a gang of no-goods, to supply guns to the local Indians and thus makes the last frontier a fit place for decent folks to live. The Last Frontier was the only serial ever released by RKO Radio Pictures, a studio better known for Fred Astaire and Orson Welles than for rough-n-tumble western adventures.
DVD | 1 DISC | 209 minutes | 1932 | B&W | Not Rated | English language | 1.33:1 / 4x3 |  Hi-Fi Mono| All Regions

Riders of Death Valley

Dick Foran
Leo Carrillo
Buck Jones
Charles Bickford
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Lon Chaney Jr.
Noah Beery Jr. 
Jean Brooks
James Blaine
Monte Blue
Glenn Strange
Roy Barcroft
Jack Rockwell
Ethan Laidlaw
Richard Alexander
Frank Austin
Charles Thomas
William Hall
James Guilfoyle
Ernie Adams

Directed by:
Ford I. Beebe, Ray Taylor

Winners of the West

Dick Foran
Anne Nagel
James Craig
Tom Fadden
Harry Woods
Charles Stevens
Edward Keane
Trevor Bardette
Edgar Edwards
Edmund Cobb
William Desmond
Roy Barcroft
Slim Whitaker
Veola Vonn
Evelyn Selbie

Directed by:
Ford I. Beebe, Ray Taylor

Produced by:
Henry MacRae

Battling With Buffalo Bill

Tom Tyler
Lucile Browne
Rex Bell
Willaim Desmond
Francis Ford
Edmund Cobb
Joe Bonomo
George Regas
Chief Thundercloud
Jim Thorpe

Directed by:
Ray Taylor

The Last Frontier

Lon Chaney Jr. Dorothy Gullive Richard Neil Francis X. Bushma Judith Barri Mary Jo Desmond

Directed by:
Spencer G. Bennet Thomas L. Story

DVD | 6 DISC |

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