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A Gritty British action film following the operations of the Long Range Desert Group in North Africa during the height of WWII. The mission for the LRDG is to penetrate hundreds of miles behind the German lines and destroy a massive fuel dump. Lead by Captain Tim Cotton (Michael Craig) the small group of unorthodox commandos on the eve of a British counter attack, locate the enemy fuel dump and successfully destroy it. Inside the dump they discover that it is laden with enemy tanks they weren't expecting. They have to report to command of their find. While escaping the dump they encounter heavy casualties and loss of equipment including the radio they desperately need to communicate their find. Now the group has to make their way back to headquarters while being pursued by the enemy. The desert, unbearable heat and constant combat test their determination to succeed. Cinematography captures brilliantly the range of endlessness the massive desert presents along with the human emotion that the Sea of Sand congers. Michael Craig was nominated by the British Film Awards for Best Actor.
99 mins, B&W, 1.77:1 / 16x9, 1958, Not Rated

Set in World War II, this is the tale of a group of pilots as they go through their experiences of life, love and loss. Their relationships are highlighted and the impact of war and destruction is shown to affect not just those doing battle, but those left at home as well.
109 mins, B&W, 1.33:1 / 4x3, 1945, Not Rated

The battle for the Atlantic was at a peak for the British. Superior German battleships seemed to roam freely wreaking havoc on supply convoys to the allies. When the German battleship Tirpitz is discovered in a Norwegian fjord, the British have no ships available to protect their western supply lines against this heavy hitting menace. The undaunted British come up with a bold plan to use unproven mini subs. These little 4 man submarines didn't deliver a torpedo to their target but instead were designed to deliver explosives that would have to be planted underneath an enemy vessel. Unbelievable courage, skill and determination by three crews of these experimental vessels lead you on a mission like you've never experienced.  
100 mins, B&W, 1.33:1 / 4x3, 1955, Not Rated

Alec Guinness stars as Peter Ross, a World War II pilot photographer, who is forced to land in Malta. The island of Malta is significant to the British supply lines to North Africa. Lying just south of Italy and North of Africa, Malta is vital to the Axis powers as well. They want it and Britain's small garrison means to keep her! The island is constantly under attack from the air. Supply convoys to the island struggle to deliver much needed supplies. When it's discovered that an invasion of Malta is imminent, the determined and heavily outnumbered British go on the offensive attacking Italian and German convoys before they can launch their assault!  
103 mins, B&W, 1.33:1 / 4x3, 1953, Not Rated

Sea Of Sand

Richard Attenborough
Michael Craig
John Gregson
Vincent Ball
Percy Herbert
Barry Foster
Andrew Faulds
George Murcell
Ray McAnally
Harold Goodwin
Tony Thawnton
Wolf Frees
George Mikell

Directed by:
Guy Green

Produced by:
Robert S. Baker
Monty Berman

Written by:
Robert Westerby

Cinematography by:
Wilkie Cooper

Music by:
Muir Mathieson

The Way To The Stars

Michael Redgrave
Sir John Mills
Rosamund John
Douglass Montgomery
Renee Asherson
Stanley Holloway
Basil Radford
Filix Aylmer
Bonar Colleano Jr.
Joyce Carey

Directed by:
Anthony Asquith

Produced by:
Anatole de Grunwald

Written by:
John Pudney
Terence Rattigan
Anatole De Grunwald

Cinematography by:
Derrick Williams

Music by:
Nicholas Brodzsky

Above Us The Waves

Sir John Mills
John Gregson
Donald Sinden
Michael Medwin
James Kenney
Theodore Bikel

Directed by:
Ralph Thomas

Produced by:
William MacQuitty

Written by:
Robin Estridge

Cinematography by:
Ernest Steward

Music by:
Original Music by: Arthur Benjamin
Music by: Michael Lawson, Harold Boulton

The Malta Story

Alec Guinness
Jack Hawkins
Anthony Steel
Muriel Pavlow
Renee Asherson
Hugh Burden
Nigel Stock
Reginald Tate
Ralph Truman
Flora Robson

Directed by:
Brian Desmond Hurst

Produced by:
Peter De Sarigny

Written by:
Nigel Balchin

Cinematography by:
Robert Krasker

Music by:
William Alwyn

DVD | 4 DISC | 411 minutes | 1958, 1945, 1955, 1953 | B&W | Not Rated | English language | English subtitles | 1.33:1/4x3 / 1.77:1 / 16x9 | Dolby Digital 2.0 & 5.1 Enhanced | Region 1

British Cinema

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