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Filmed two years before Predator, many have commented that Alien Outlaw could have been that film’s inspiration -- An alien ship lands in a remote mountain location and its occupants go on a hunting party. And, yes, their prey is human! This science fiction adventure has been praised for its subtle social commentary and humankind’s relationship with guns, friends and nature. Fashioned like an old comic book story, ALIEN OUTLAW is the second film that B-Western film star Lash La Rue did for Writer/Director Phil Smoot. Always starring in cowboy flicks that featured him with a whip, La Rue said, "They just won’t let me put that thing down!". But in his last leading role, Lash La Rue breaks the mold in a film that features both guns and horses but allows him to put down his trademark weapon. Perhaps, as a result, this has been called La Rue’s finest film performance.


Lash La Rue
Kari Anderson
Paul Holman
Gil Newsome
Richard Davis
Liz Warrington
Sunset Carson
Bill Cody Jr.
Paul Holman

Directed by:
Phil Smoot

Produced by:
Phil Smoot
George B. Walker

Written by:
Phil Smoot

Cinematography by:
Paul Hughen

Music by:
Marcus Kearns

DVD | 1 DISC | 90 minutes | 1985 | Color | Not Rated | English language | 1.66:1&1.33:1 | Dolby Digital 2.0 | All Regions

  • Uncut and Available for the first time in the USA
  • Contains a New Widescreen (1.66:1 Anamorphic) and a New Full screen version
  • Commentary track with both the Writer/Director (Phil Smoot) and the Editor (Sherwood Jones)
  • Meet the Legends: A one of a kind interview as Republic B Western Star, Sunset Carson
  • Interviews legendary King of the Bullwhip Lash La Rue
  • Meet the Ingénue: Sunset's behind-the-scenes interview with newcomer Kari Anderson
  • Behind the News: News Conference before the filming
  • Behind the scenes: Home video footage on the set of Alien Outlaw
  • Trailer of The Dark Power with Lash La Rue
Sci-Fi And Fantasy

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