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4 Disc Set!

Find A Place To Die: A geologist and his sister (Pascale Petit) discover gold in an abandoned mine located on the untamed border between the U.S. and Mexico, where brute force is the only law. When the brother is fatally wounded by a band of gold-hungry outlaws, the determined young woman enlists the aid of an outcast Confederate soldier/vagabond gunfighter (Jeffrey Hunter) to forcefully regain her stolen treasure and avenge her brother’s murder.

Bullet For Sandoval: John Warner (George Hilton) is a rebel soldier who deserts his outfit on the eve of battle and goes over the border into Mexico to be with his girlfriend when she gives birth to their child. When he arrives Warner finds that his fiancée has died in childbirth and her father, played by Ernest Borgnine, lusts only to kill him. Raw, savage Western fare in the tradition of A Fistful of Dollars, co-directed by Lucio Fulci, one of the masters of blood-soaked Italian horror/fantasies and sexy thrillers.


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Today We Kill…TOMORROW WE DIE!: Bill Kiowa (Montgomery Ford) is released after a five-year prison term for a crime he did not commit. The bandit El Fego (Tatsuya Nakadai), who did the actual crime, also killed Kiowa’s young Indian wife. Once free Kiowa raises a gang to go after the man who framed him. An Italian western in the "A Fistful of Dollars" mold with a better than average cast, which includes Bud Spencer in the debut of his heavy-handed character, later made famous in the "Trinity" series and the outstanding Japanese actor Tatsuya Nakadai, famous for his role in Akira Kurosawa’s "Kagemusha". And uncharacteristically written by horror-meister Dario Argento. Digitally re-mastered from a 35mm print with the alternate U.S. title "Today It's Me… Tomorrow You".

Minnesota Clay: Wrongly convicted and sentenced, Minnesota Clay (Cameron Mitchell) breaks out of prison and begins a search for the man who can clear him. But can even a veteran gunslinger like Clay survive in the Wild West when his eyesight is failing and his showdown skills depend on his hearing? Western drama is dished up Euro-style in this Italian-French-Spanish frontier tale in the "Man With No Name" tradition.

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Find A Place To Die

Jeffrey Hunter
Pascale Petit
Piero Lulli
Daniela Giordano
Ted Carter

Directed by:
Anthony Ascott Giuliano Carmineo

A Bullet For Sandoval

Ernest Borgnine George Hilton Alberto De Mendoza Annabella Incontrera Gustavo Rojo

Directed by:
Julio Buchs Lucio Fulci

Today We Kill Tomorrow We Die!

Montgomery Ford Bud Spencer Wayde Preston William Berger Tatsuya Nakadai Diana Madigan

Directed by:
Tonino Cervi

Minnesota Clay

Cameron Mitchell Georges Riviere Ethel Rojo Diana Martin Antonio Roso

Directed by:
Sergio Corbucci

DVD | 4 DISC | 365 minutes | 1964,1968,1970 | Color | PG | English language | English subtitles | 1.85:1 | Dolby Digital Mono |

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