WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS II: The Classic Continues

WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS II: The Classic Continues
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Where The Red Fern Grows II is a continuation of the classic novel, a story as magical as the original. The haunting richness of the Louisiana woods, the innocent joy we find in Old Dan and Little Ann, and the loving wisdom of Grandpa Coleman combine to touch the hearts of young and old alike. In Red Fern II, Billy Coleman (Doug McKeon) returns from WWII to his grandfather’s (Wilford Brimley) home in Louisiana and tries to readjust to civilian life. But the killing he witnessed in the war, along with the fact that he has lost a leg to an enemy bullet, has embittered him. Grandpa had anticipated Billy’s state of mind and has a therapeutic gift waiting for him: a pair of Redbone hound puppies – just like the ones he had as a boy. In addition to the puppies, Billy befriends a young neighborhood boy, Wilson (Adam Faraizl), who reminds him of himself. Wilson and the hounds become closest friends and together they help Billy to rediscover the gift of giving – ultimately rediscovering himself.


Wilford Brimley
Doug McKeon
Chad McQueen
Lisa Whelchel
Adam Faraizl
Karen Carlson
Devin Payne
Tom Bertins
Jessie Turner

Directed by:
Jim McCullough

Produced by:
Jim McCullough
Samuel Bradford
William J. Immerman

DVD | 1 DISC | 96 minutes | 1992 | Color | Not Rated | English language | 1.33:1 / 4x3 | Dolby Digital 2.0 | All Regions

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