Another Man's Poison [DB] [1952]

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New and beautiful restoration.In her first role since starring as Margo Channing in the Academy Award?-winning All About Eve (Best Picture, 1950), Bette Davis plays mystery writer Janet Frobisher, a cold and conniving woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants — and what she wants at the moment is her secretary?s fianc? Larry (Anthony Steel).But Janet?s plan hits a snag when her estranged husband shows up unannounced after attempting to rob a bank. Her husband?s partner in crime, George (played by real-life husband Gary Merrill), further complicates matters for Janet when he pays her a visit later the same day. Getting rid of one of them proved easy. The other, not so much.Filmed in England and co-produced by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Another Man?s Poison presents the dynamic Bette Davis at her devious and beguiling best.

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