The Killer Is Loose [DB] [1956]

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Newly remastered and restored and now in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio.Detective Sam Wagner痴 job is never easy. Even an average day proves stressful for him and his family. But this is no ordinary day for Wagner (Joseph Cotten) or his wife Lila (Rhonda Fleming).After pegging a recent bank robbery as an inside job orchestrated by mild-mannered clerk Leon Poole (played by a bespectacled Wendell Corey), Wagner heads to the suspect痴 apartment to make the arrest expecting him to be alone. Instead, Poole痴 beloved wife is with him and caught in the crossfire of a shootout leaving her dead.Sent to prison, and believing Wagner is responsible for his wife痴 death, Poole is desperate for revenge. Escape and murder soon follow with the haunting Poole bent on taking away the woman Wagner loves. Will the detective and his men save her in time’Helmed by the gritty Budd Boetticher, The Killer is Loose takes the director痴 unique visual style away from the plains and into the world of suburbia for this taut and suspenseful thriller. Close your windows, lock your doors — The Killer is Loose!

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Format: DB
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